Legal Age To Drive a Golf Cart in 50 States

Driving a golf cart in the United States is subject to rules and regulations that vary from state to state. In most states, a child must be at least 14 years old to operate a golf cart. It’s important to familiarize yourself with local laws before driving a golf cart, as requirements may differ by state. You will get here the Legal Age To Drive a Golf Cart with age of the 50 states details. You might be wondering if a golf cart license is necessary and what other requirements need to be met.

What is the minimum age to drive a golf cart? In most states, you must be 16 years old to drive a golf cart. Fourteen-year-olds are legally allowed to drive a golf cart in 13 states. In Florida, there is no need for paperwork to begin driving a golf cart. However, a driver’s license or learner’s permit is typically required in most states.

How Old to Drive a Golf Cart for All States?

Please refer to the table below to find the driving age and requirements for operating a golf cart in your state. Make sure to inquire about any additional requirements from your county and a local golf course. You will get here the golf cart driving age restriction for California, Florida, Arizona, and New York, and also more state details.

Legal Age To Drive a Golf Cart in All States in the USA

Here is a comprehensive guide to addressing the question of the minimum age requirement for driving a golf cart in your state.

SL No.StateMinimum Age to OperateLicense or Permit Required
01Arizona16Driver’s License
02Alaska16Driver’s License
03Alabama16Driver’s License
04Arkansas14Driving License or Learner’s Permit
05California18Driving License or Instruction Permit
06Colorado14Driving License or Instruction Permit
07Connecticut16Driving License or Learner’s Permit
08Delaware16Driving License
09Florida14No License Required
10Georgia16Driving License or Instruction Permit
11Hawaii16Driving License or Instruction Permit
12Idaho14Driving License or Instruction Permit
13Illinois16Driving License or Instruction Permit
14Indiana16Driving License or Instruction Permit
15Iowa14No License Required
16Kansas14No License Required
17Kentucky16Driving License or Instruction Permit
18Louisiana15No License Required
19Maine16Driving License or Instruction Permit
20Maryland16Driver’s License
21Massachusetts16Driving License or Instruction Permit
22Michigan16Driving License or Instruction Permit
23Minnesota15Driving License or Instruction Permit
24Mississippi14No License Required
25Missouri16Driving License or Instruction Permit
26Montana14Driving License or Learner’s Permit
27Nebraska14No License Required
28Nevada16Driving License or Instruction Permit
29New Hampshire14No License Required
30New Jersey16Driving License or Instruction Permit
31New Mexico15Driving License or Instruction Permit
32New York16Driving License or Learner’s Permit
33North Carolina16Driving License or Instruction Permit
34North Dakota14No License Required
35Ohio16Driving License or Instruction Permit
36Oklahoma16Driving License or Instruction Permit
37Oregon16Driving License or Instruction Permit
38Pennsylvania16Driving License or Instruction Permit
39Rhode Island16Driving License or Instruction Permit
40South Carolina16Driving License or Instruction Permit
41South Dakota14No License Required
42Tennessee16Driving License or Instruction Permit
43Texas16Driving License or Instruction Permit
44West Virginia16Driving License or Instruction Permit
45Vermont16Driving License or Instruction Permit
46Virginia16Driving License or Learner’s Permit
47Washington16Driving License or Instruction Permit
48Wyoming14Driving License or Instruction Permit
49Utah16Driving License or Instruction Permit
50Wisconsin14Driving License or Instruction Permit

Overall age requirements to drive a golf cart

The age requirements to drive a golf cart can vary depending on several factors like location and specific venue rules didactically set by businesses or communities using golf carts for various purposes or rental purposes.

Here is a general guideline:

In most areas

  • Children under the age of cannot drive a golf cart.
  • Teenagers under the age of sixteen may require an adult supervisor with a valid driver’s license present while on the golf course or specific community with certain age restrictions enforced.
  • Adults over the age of sixteen with a valid driver’s license can operate a golf cart without any other restrictions except following venue-specific rules and regulations.

Important to remember

  • It is always best to check with the specific golf course about their age requirements before driving a golf cart.
  • Some states or provinces may have specific laws regarding golf cart operation and age restrictions that differ from the general guidelines mentioned above.
  • Always follow the venue or community rules and regulations in place for operating a golf cart safely and responsibly.

Safety tips for driving a golf cart

olf Cart Safety Tips for a Fun & Responsible Ride

Golf carts are a fun way to navigate the course, but like any vehicle, they demand responsible operation. Here are some key safety tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride for everyone:

Before You Start

  • Know the rules: Every course has its regulations. Check for age restrictions, designated driving areas, and any specific safety protocols.
  • Inspect your cart: Give it a quick once-over. Ensure brakes, tires, steering, and lights (if present) are in good working order.
  • Buckle up!: Most carts have seatbelts, so use them for everyone’s safety.
  • Mind your passengers: Limit the number of riders to the designated capacity. Don’t allow anyone to hang off or stand in the moving cart.

While Driving

  • Go slow and steady: Remember, you’re not on a Formula One track! Maintain a moderate, safe speed, adjusting for terrain and weather conditions.
  • Stay alert: Avoid distractions like phones or loud music. Keep your eyes on the path and be aware of pedestrians and other golfers.
  • Respect the terrain: Watch out for uneven surfaces, bumps, and slopes. Slow down and navigate cautiously to avoid losing control.
  • Signal your turns: Use hand signals if your cart doesn’t have turn signals, and make your intentions clear well in advance.
  • Yield to pedestrians: They always have the right of way. Stop and allow them to cross safely before proceeding.
  • Avoid alcohol and drugs: Impaired driving is never okay, even on a golf course.

Extra Safety Measures

  • Dress appropriately: Wear comfortable shoes for braking and sunglasses for sun protection.
  • Bring sun protection: Apply sunscreen and wear a hat, especially on sunny days.
  • Be mindful of the weather: Avoid driving during heavy rain, lightning storms, or strong winds.
  • Park responsibly: Park your cart in designated areas, away from pedestrians and other vehicles

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People also ask to know

What age can you drive a golf cart in Florida?

You must be 15 with a learner’s permit or 16 with a driver’s license if you are under 18. If you are 18 or older, you need to have a valid government-issued ID.

  • The driver must be at least 14 years old to meet the legal age requirement.
  • In Florida, individuals who are at least 14 years old can drive a golf cart on public roads at speeds below 25 miles per hour.
  • A special license will be required for the driver if the cart is driven at a speed exceeding 20 miles per hour.

How old to drive a golf cart on a Golf course?

Cruising around a golf course in a cart is fun, but age restrictions can vary like a tricky putt. Here’s the green-light guide:


  • Teens: Under 16 often need adult supervision (think caddy, not co-pilot!).
  • Young adults: 16+ with a valid driver’s license usually get the green light.

But you need to know:

  • Course rules may differ: Check with the specific course for their age policy. Some might be stricter, others more lenient.
  • State laws can be put in a twist: Local regulations might trump general guidelines.

Do you need a driver’s license to drive a golf cart on a golf course?

Whether you need a driver’s license to cruise the course in a golf cart depends on two key factors: age and location.


  • Generally, teenagers under 16 require adult supervision while driving a golf cart, even if they have a license. Think of it as needing a caddy, not just a co-pilot!
  • For young adults, the rules often shift at 16. With a valid driver’s license, they can usually steer solo.


  • Each golf course sets its own rules. Some might be stricter, requiring licenses even for adults, while others might be more relaxed. Always check with the specific Golf course you’re playing at to avoid any surprises.
  • Local laws can also throw a curveball. Certain states or provinces might have regulations specific to golf cart operation, so it’s worth a quick search online for your area.

Can I Drive a Golf Cart on the Street?

Taking your golf cart for a joyride down the street might sound tempting, but hold your horses (or golf clubs). To drive a golf cart on the street you need to follow a simple way.

Hitting the streets in a golf cart is usually a no-go.


  • Safety first: Golf carts aren’t equipped for the speed and traffic demands of public roads, putting you and others at risk.
  • Legality matters: Most areas have laws prohibiting golf carts on streets, treating them as off-road vehicles. Violating these laws can lead to fines and other consequences.
  • Insurance woes: Driving on the street often requires insurance coverage, something golf carts typically lack.


  • Exceptions exist: Some communities or neighborhoods might have designated golf cart paths or specific areas where their use is permitted. Always check local regulations before cruising off the course.
  • Street-legal variations: There are specially designed and equipped “low-speed vehicles” resembling golf carts that can be driven on certain roads under specific conditions. Research these options carefully and ensure they comply with local laws.

Is a driver’s license required to operate a golf cart in Texas?

A driver’s license is required for anyone driving a golf cart on a public roadway, as per the ruling by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on April 5, 2021. The new requirement for operating golf carts on public roadways is that they must have a special license displayed.

Last Word

The majority of courses stipulate that you must be at least 18 years old to rent a golf cart, while others may require you to be over 25 with a valid driver’s license. The specific requirements vary depending on the course and your location, and you may also need a golf cart permit.

We trust that this information will assist you in determining the minimum age requirement for driving a golf cart in various states across the United States. Feel free to inquire about anything, and we will do our utmost to provide answers. If you have any questions about golf cart components or add-ons, please contact us.

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