Top 10 Best Gas Golf Carts in 2024 Reviews and Guides

Golf carts are now a crucial means of getting around on golf courses, resorts, and expansive properties. The introduction of gas-powered golf carts allows enthusiasts to cover greater distances without concerns about battery life. Are you searching for the best gas golf cart? If yes, then you may check in this post. We will share the top 10 best gas golf carts with feature details.

When choosing ride-in golf carts, the main options are gas or electric. If you’re interested in electric golf carts, check out our post on them. This post focuses on the best gas golf cart. Gas carts offer better range and are ideal for heavy loads. Unlike electric carts, there’s no need to wait 6-10 hours before the next use.

To find the best gas golf cart for your needs, it’s important to consider both price and operating cost. We have reviewed the top 9 options, taking various preferences into account. Our reviews highlight the pros and cons of each cart, helping you make an informed decision. Let’s explore them and find your perfect match.

best gas golf carts

Top 10 best gas golf Carts in 2024

You will get here the latest top 10 best Gas Golf carts in 2024 reviews and guides. Now, let’s examine the specifics.

1. E-Z-GO Valor


Ride your adventure, not just the course. Valor isn’t your average golf cart. It’s a sleek escape pod for everyday life, ready to whisk you beyond the fairway. Forget gas fumes and cramped commutes. Embrace open-air freedom, powered by whisper-quiet electric 48V or efficient EFI gas. Tailor your escape. Valor’s modular design lets you configure your perfect joyride.

From comfy bench seats to sporty bucket seats, add accessories galore for work, play, or pure relaxation. Make it your own, wherever the road (or path) takes you. Unwind the miles, not the fun. Independent suspension smooths even bumpy journeys, while LED headlamps light your way to new sights. Enjoy the ride, savor the breeze, and rediscover the joy of carefree cruising.


The E-Z-GO Valor comes in a variety of configurations, so the actual price will vary depending on the options you choose. However, I can give you a general idea of the starting prices:

  • Valor 2: This two-seater model starts at $8,649 for the gas-powered version and $10,299 for the ELiTE Lithium gas version.
  • Valor 4: This four-seater model starts at $9,549 for the gas-powered version and $10,715 for the ELiTE Lithium gas version.
  • Valor 6: This six-seater model starts at $10,715 for the gas-powered version and $16,044 for the Express L6 model, which is also gas-powered.

Please note that these are just starting prices, and the actual price of your Valor will depend on the options you choose, such as the color, and accessories.

Pros and cons

here’s a quick rundown of 3 pros and 3 cons of the E-Z-GO Valor Golf Cart:


  • (Plush interior): Choose comfy bench seats or sporty bucket options, and add on accessories like coolers or sound systems to make it your rolling oasis.
  • (Silent ride): Whisper-quiet 48V electric or efficient gas engines let you enjoy.
  • (Handle rough terrain): Independent suspension tackles bumps and uneven paths, making the Valor your perfect adventure companion.


  • (Pricey toy): The Valor comes with a premium price tag, so be prepared to pay extra for all the bells and whistles.
  • (Slow and steady): Don’t expect to break any speed records – the Valor tops out at around 15 mph, perfect for a leisurely cruise.
  • (Hill struggles): Steeper inclines might pose a challenge, especially for the gas-powered models.

Author recommendation

The E-Z-GO Valor Gas Golf Cart comes highly recommended for its robust performance and reliability on the course. With a powerful engine and smooth handling, it effortlessly navigates terrain while providing ample seating and storage. Ideal for both recreational rounds and practical use around the course, this golf cart combines comfort and functionality, making it a trusted companion for golfers and enthusiasts alike.



The E-Z-GO TXT isn’t just a golf cart. It’s a legend. For over two decades, it’s been the trusted companion for countless adventures, from cruising sun-soaked fairways to navigating bustling communities.

Timeless Style: The TXT’s classic lines never go out of fashion. Its sleek design is available in a rainbow of colors to match your personality; while optional accessories like windshields and roofs let you customize your ride for any weather.

Reliable Ride: Built with rock-solid engineering and backed by E-Z-GO’s renowned service, the TXT is as dependable as it is stylish. Whether you’re traversing the course or tackling neighborhood errands, you can count on it to get you there smoothly and comfortably.

Electric or Gas, You Choose: Power your adventures your way. Choose the whisper-quiet efficiency of a 48V electric system or the familiar hum of a gas engine. Both options deliver smooth performance and lasting enjoyment.

Endless Possibilities: The TXT’s modular design lets you transform it to fit your needs. Add extra seats for family outings, or even a sound system for impromptu block parties.


The E-Z-GO TXT Gas Golf Cart starts at a breezy $8,649, but that’s just the first tee shot. Think of it as your base camp for adventure—the price climbs depending on how you customize your journey. Want an extra passenger? Add a seat for around $500.

Craving a windshield to shield you from the wind? That’s another $400 or so. And if you dream of cruising in sunset style, a fancy roof could run you around $800.

Pros and cons


  • Timeless style shines, letting you cruise in rainbow hues.
  • Rock-solid reliability fuels your adventures for years to come.
  • Whisper or roar with gas or electric power, choosing your soundtrack.
  • Endless customization options transform your ride into a personal oasis.


  • Slow and steady wins the race, so leave the speed demons behind.
  • Gas guzzler alert, requiring more refueling than electric siblings.
  • Steep hills? Choose electric power for easier climbs.
  • The price tag can climb with every custom bell and whistle you desire.

Enjoy the journey in your E-Z-GO TXT, but always remember safety first!

Author recommendation

For those seeking a blend of performance and convenience on the golf course, the E-Z-GO TXT Gas Golf Cart is my top recommendation. With its durable build, smooth ride, and efficient gas engine, it delivers both reliability and comfort. Whether you’re cruising the fairways or tackling varied terrain, the TXT model offers versatility and ease of use, making it an excellent choice for golfers looking to enhance their on-course experience.



Forget the golf cart stereotype of putt-putting around the course. The E-Z-GO RXV is a purebred performance machine, ready to inject adrenaline into your every drive.

Unleash the Power: Stomp on the gas pedal and feel the 16.5 horsepower engine rocket you forward. This isn’t your grandpa’s golf cart – the RXV leaves slowpokes in the dust, reaching speeds of up to 20 mph.

Handle Any Terrain: Unlike its more delicate brethren, the RXV tackles rough terrain with ease. Independent suspension smooths out bumps and dips, while oversized knobby tires grip like claws on any surface.

Built for Adventure: Don’t let the manicured greens fool you. The RXV is a born explorer. Take it on dirt paths, through wooded trails, or even hit the beach (just watch out for the sand traps!).

Style with Bite: The RXV isn’t just powerful, it’s head-turning. Its aggressive stance, muscular lines, and bold color options (think fire engine red, electric blue, or stealthy black) make it a statement piece on wheels.

Customizable Comfort: Choose from a variety of seat options, add a windshield for breezy rides, or deck it out with a sound system for epic outdoor playlists. The RXV is your blank canvas for creating the ultimate ride.

The E-Z-GO RXV isn’t just a golf cart. It’s a ticket to adrenaline-fueled adventures, wherever the road (or path) takes you.


Starting at a cool $10,299, the RXV’s base price might make you think it’s all downhill from there. But hold on, that’s just the green for the green machine itself. Think of it as your launchpad – the price skyrockets depending on how you fuel your need for speed.

Craving extra seats? Buckle up another $500 per passenger. Longing for wind in your hair (without sand in your teeth)? A windshield adds another $400 to the tab. And if you dream of cruising with the sunset as your soundtrack, a fancy roof might run you around $800.

Pros and cons


  • Rocket past cart-nappers with a beastly 16.5 horsepower engine.
  • Dominate any terrain, from fairway to forest, with knobby tires and independent suspension.
  • Turn heads and take corners in style with bold colors and muscle car vibes.
  • Craft your comfort zone with custom seats, windshields, and even sound systems.


  • Prepare for sticker shock – this thrill ride starts at $10,299, and that’s before the custom candy. Gas guzzler alert
  • Fill ‘er up often if you’re a rebel on wheels.
  • Buckle up tight, 20 mph feels like warp speed when you’re cruising on four wheels. Sand and salt?
  • Think twice, beach bunnies – the RXV prefers smoother paths.

Author recommendation

As an avid golfer who values both performance and reliability, I wholeheartedly recommend the E-Z-GO RXV Gas Golf Cart. Its advanced technology, coupled with a powerful yet efficient gas engine, ensures a smooth and enjoyable ride on any course. With innovative features for comfort and convenience, such as a responsive steering system and ample storage, the RXV stands out for its durability and ease of maintenance.

Whether you’re navigating challenging terrain or simply cruising between holes, this model delivers exceptional performance and enhances your overall golfing experience.

4. Club Car Onward


The Onward isn’t your average golf cart. It’s a sleek escape pod for everyday life, ready to whisk you beyond the fairway with a whisper-quiet 48V electric OR a sprightly gas engine option. Forget cramped commutes and loud fumes. Embrace open-air freedom, powered by your choice of fuel.

Tailor your escape. Onward’s modular design lets you configure your perfect joyride. From comfy bench seats to sporty bucket options, add accessories galore for work, play, or pure relaxation. Make it your own, wherever the road (or path) takes you.

Unwind the miles, not the fun. Independent suspension smooths even bumpy journeys, while LED headlamps light your way to new sights. Enjoy the ride, savor the breeze, and rediscover the joy of carefree cruising.

But wait, there’s more! Onward packs a punch compared to its electric-only cousin, the Valor. Here’s what sets it apart:

  • Gas-powered option: Choose the familiar hum of a gas engine for that classic golf cart feel and longer range between refuels.
  • More zip: Onward’s gas engine offers a bit more oomph than the electric version, reaching speeds of up to 19 mph compared to the Valor’s 15 mph.
  • Price point: The gas-powered Onward starts at a slightly lower price point than the electric Valor, making it a potentially more budget-friendly option.

Overall, the Club Car Onward is a versatile golf cart that caters to those who value comfort, customization, and a choice of power sources. Whether you’re a golf enthusiast, a weekend adventurer, or just looking for a stylish way to get around, the Onward might be the perfect ride to tee off your next escape.


Starting at a cool $15,999, the Onward’s gas-powered engine lets you cruise further and faster than its electric cousin, the Valor. Think of it as your ticket to unpaved adventures and spontaneous detours, with a price tag that reflects its added muscle.

But hold on, the fun doesn’t stop at the base price. Picture yourself rolling in style with:

  • Extra passenger? Buckle up an additional $500 or so per seat.
  • Windswept hair, no worries? A windshield adds another $400 to the tab.
  • Sunsets and soundtracks? A fancy roof and sound system might set you back around $800-1200 combined.

Pros and cons


  1. Gas-powered punch: Cruise further and faster, fueling spontaneous detours.
  2. Open-air oasis: Rediscover the joy of carefree cruising with a comfortable bench or sporty bucket seats.
  3. Customizable escape pod: Add extra seats, windshields, and fancy roofs to make it your rolling retreat.
  4. Choice of power: Gas or electric, choose your fuel and conquer new terrains, from manicured greens to dirt paths.


  1. Pricey passport: Starts at $15,999, and customization options quickly stack up, making gas station visits your new frequent flyer program.
  2. Thirsty traveler: Gas-guzzler compared to electric siblings, so pack an extra can for those adventurous detours.
  3. Steep stumbles: Hilly inclines might pose a challenge, especially with a fully loaded oasis on wheels.
  4. Fumes & noise: Ditch the eco-warrior badge and embrace the familiar hum (and not-so-subtle fumes) of the gas engine.

User guides

For golfers and outdoor enthusiasts looking to elevate their experience, the Club Car Onward Gas Golf Cart is my top recommendation. With its sleek design, robust performance, and customizable options, the Onward offers a luxurious ride both on and off the course. Whether you’re exploring new paths or enjoying a round of golf, this cart combines style with functionality, providing comfort, reliability, and ample storage.

The Club Car Onward Gas Golf Cart is truly a standout choice for those who value quality, performance, and a touch of personalization in their recreational vehicle.

5. Yamaha Drive 2


Forget stuffy commutes and predictable routines. The Yamaha Drive 2 Gas isn’t just a golf cart, it’s a portal to your open-air oasis. This sleek machine lets you cruise beyond the fairway, tackling errands, exploring trails, or simply soaking in the sun with style.

Tailored to your ride: Choose your adventure with two seating options. Cozy bench seats bring friends and family along, while sporty bucket seats add a touch of personal comfort. The modular design lets you add accessories like coolers, cargo boxes, or even a sound system – make it your perfect escape pod.

Whisper through the miles (or roar): Choose the whisper-quiet 48V electric option for an eco-conscious glide, or opt for the familiar hum of the gas engine for a bit more punch. Both options deliver smooth rides and lasting enjoyment.

Conquer (most) terrain: Independent suspension tackles bumps and dips with ease, while sturdy tires grip even uneven paths. Don’t let a little gravel slow you down.

Safety first, style always: LED headlights keep you illuminated when the day fades, while automatic locking mechanisms and a sturdy build give you peace of mind. And of course, the Drive 2 Gas comes in a range of stylish colors to match your personality.


The Yamaha Drive 2 Gas starts at a breezy $9,481, but think of that as your first tee shot. The price climbs like a birdie on a par 3 as you customize your ride. Want an extra passenger? Buckle up another $500 or so. Craving wind in your hair (without sand in your teeth)? A windshield adds another $400 to the tab. And if you dream of cruising with the sunset as your soundtrack, a fancy roof might run you around $800.

Pros and cons


  1. Gas or glide: Whisper-quiet electric or punchy gas engine, choose your soundtrack for sun-soaked escapes.
  2. Tailored oasis: From comfy bench seats to coolers and tunes, transform your Drive 2 into your perfect rolling retreat. ✨
  3. Conquer most: Cruise beyond the green, tackle bumps and dips with smooth suspension, leaving routine and gravel in the dust.
  4. Safety & Style: LED lights guide your way, your sturdy build gives peace of mind, and your personality shines in a range of stylish hues.


  1. Pricey paradise: Starts at $9,481, and customizing your oasis with windshields, roofs, and sound systems can quickly turn gas station visits into your new frequent flyer program. 
  2. Thirsty traveler: Gas guzzler compared to electric cousins, so pack an extra can for those adventurous detours. ️
  3. Mountain mayhem: Steeper inclines might pose a challenge, especially with a fully loaded oasis on wheels. 
  4. Fumes & noise: Ditch the eco-warrior badge and embrace the familiar hum (and not-so-subtle fumes) of the gas engine.

Author recommendation

As someone passionate about golf and outdoor adventures, I confidently recommend the Yamaha Drive 2 Gas Golf Cart. Known for its durability, smooth handling, and powerful engine, the Drive 2 excels on the golf course and beyond.

It offers a comfortable ride, responsive steering, and ample storage, making it perfect for both leisurely rounds and practical use. Whether cruising fairways or exploring varied terrain, this cart combines reliability with a stylish design, ensuring a pleasant and efficient experience every time. The Yamaha Drive 2 Gas Golf Cart is a solid choice for those seeking performance, comfort, and versatility in their recreational vehicle.

6. Club Car Precedent i3 Fleet Gas Golf Cart


The Club Car Precedent i3 Fleet Gas Golf Cart isn’t your average golf course cruiser. This gas-powered workhorse boasts a punchy 14.0 hp engine to conquer hills and haul cargo with ease, while its smooth-riding suspension and spacious cabin deliver five-star comfort for your crew.

Built to last, built to impress. The Precedent i3’s rust-resistant aluminum frame and durable Durashell body shrug off the elements, while sleek design lines and customizable options let you match your fleet’s style.

More than just transportation, it’s an investment. This cart comes equipped with features that boost efficiency and reduce downtime. The easy-to-maintain engine and single-point watering system minimize maintenance hassles, while the optional Club Car Connect system lets you track your fleet, and even send messages to golfers directly on the cart.


The price of a new Club Car Precedent I3 Fleet gas golf cart can vary depending on many factors, including the dealer, the location, and the options that are included. You can expect to pay between $8,000 and $10,000 for a new cart.

You can find used Club Car Precedent I3 Fleet gas golf carts for sale. The price of a used cart will vary depending on the same factors as a new cart, as well as the condition of the cart and its mileage. You can expect to pay between $3,000 and $7,000 for a used cart.

Pros and Cons


  1. Conquer hills and haul cargo with ease thanks to the punchy 14.0 hp gas engine.
  2. Durable aluminum frame and rust-resistant Durashell body shrug off elements.
  3. Smooth-riding suspension and spacious cabin pamper passengers or leisure a joy.
  4. Smooth maintenance, and optional Club Car Connect technology minimize downtime and boost efficiency.


  1. Compared to electric models, gas-powered carts require filling and incur ongoing fuel expenses.
  2. Gas engines can be louder than electric motors, which might be a factor in noise-sensitive environm
  3. Environmental impact: Gas-powered carts emit emissions, which may be a concern for eco-conscious buyers.

Author Recommendation

For golfers seeking a reliable and versatile ride, I highly recommend the Club Car Precedent i3 Fleet Gas Golf Cart. Its robust design, coupled with efficient fuel economy, ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience on the course. With features like ergonomic seating, responsive handling, and ample storage options, the Precedent i3 Fleet enhances comfort and convenience.

Whether you’re teeing off or navigating challenging terrain, this cart delivers exceptional performance and durability. The Club Car Precedent i3 Fleet Gas Golf Cart is a smart choice for anyone looking to elevate their golfing experience with style and functionality.

7. Yamaha Super Hauler


This ain’t your grandma’s golf cart. The Yamaha Super Hauler is a workhorse in disguise, packing a punch with a powerful gas engine that tackles hills and hauls cargo like a champ. But don’t be fooled by its brawn, the super-sized aluminum bed and plush seating offer surprising comfort for conquering any terrain.

Built Yamaha tough, it laughs at the elements. The rust-resistant frame and durable body shrug off the elements, while sleek design lines turn heads wherever you roam. Standard features like headlights, taillights, and a horn keep you safe and seen, while the optional roof and windshield let you conquer any weather.

More than muscle, it’s about smarts. The Super Hauler is packed with convenience features like a floor-mounted horn interior. Its spacious cabin comfortably seats four, making it perfect for work crews or weekend adventures with friends.


The starting point for a brand-new gas-powered Super Hauler lies between $9,481 and $10,161. This depends on the chosen configuration, with the standard PTV model being slightly more affordable than the Adventurer Sport variants.

You can find used models starting around $3,000 and reaching up to $7,000, with newer models and those in top shape commanding higher prices. And if you want to modify your super hauler, it can cost you additional hundreds or thousands depending on your choices.

Pros and Cons


  1. Beast of burden: Gas engine tackles hills & hauls cargo like a champ, aluminum bed fits your gear & more.
  2. Comfort beyond the course: Plush seats for 4, conquer any terrain in style, optional roof & windshield for all-weather fun.
  3. Convenient features like floor-mounted horn & easy-clean interior, built Yamaha tough for lasting adventures.
  4. Unleash your inner adventurer; ditch the ordinary with a gas golf cart that’s both powerful & comfortable.


  1. Fuel for thought: Gas costs add up compared to electric options, filling stations required.
  2. Sound the alarm: Gas engines might be louder than electric, consider noise-sensitive environments.
  3. Going green? Gas emissions a potential concern for eco-conscious buyers, electric alternatives exist.

Author Recommendation

As someone who values efficiency and reliability. I enthusiastically recommend the Yamaha Super Hauler Gas Golf Cart. Designed for both golf course use and utility tasks, it combines robust performance with versatile functionality.

With its powerful engine, rugged construction, and generous cargo capacity, the Super Hauler excels in transporting both passengers and heavy loads with ease. Whether you’re hauling equipment around the course or enjoying a leisurely round, this cart offers a smooth ride, responsive handling, and durable build quality.

The Yamaha Super Hauler Gas Golf Cart is the ideal choice for those who prioritize performance, versatility, and practicality in their recreational vehicle.

8. EZGO Express S4 ELiTE


Imagine cruising through sun-dappled fairways, the wind whispering past your ears, not a care in the world. No, it’s not a dream; it’s the E-Z-GO Express S4 Elite, the chariot that elevates your golf game (and weekend joyrides) to a whole new level.

Power Meets Style: Forget sputtering gas carts of the past. The S4 Elite boasts a whisper-quiet, fuel-efficient engine that purrs with refined power. Leave the gas station behind; knowing this sleek machine sips fuel like a hummingbird on nectar. But don’t be fooled by its eco-conscious heart – beneath the hood lies a beast ready to conquer any hill with effortless torque.

Comfort is King: Picture plush, contoured seats that cradle you like a cloud, ample legroom that lets you swing your clubs without contortions, and a smooth, independent suspension that absorbs bumps like a magic carpet. The S4 Elite isn’t just transportation; it’s an oasis of tranquility on wheels, ensuring every ride is a pleasure.

The S4 Elite isn’t your average golf cart. It’s a head-turning masterpiece with bold lines, sleek curves, and premium finishes that exude sophistication. Imagine the envy in your buddies’ eyes as you pull up to the clubhouse, the epitome of effortless style.


The price tag starts around $12,60 for the gas version, kinda like a fancy new phone (but way cooler, obviously). The electric model with a fancy lithium battery jumps to around $15,259, more like a high-end laptop.

Pros and cons

Here are the pros and cons of the EZGO Express S4 ELiTE as one of the best gas golf carts:


  • Tame the course with a whisper-quiet engine that packs a punch.
  • Plush seats and smooth suspension make every ride a breeze.
  • Turn heads with sleek design and premium finishes.
  •  Fold-down seats for gear-hauling adventures.
  • The industry-leading warranty gives you peace of mind.


  • Costs more than your average golf cart, like a fancy club set.
  • Refueling might become a regular routine.
  • Oil changes and spark plugs add to the upkeep.
  • It’s not as quiet as electric options, but it might ruffle feathers.


Author recommendation

As someone who appreciates innovation and performance, I confidently recommend the EZGO Express S4 ELiTE Gas Golf Cart. This model stands out for its advanced technology and eco-friendly ELiTE lithium batteries, offering impressive range and durability. Whether cruising the course or tackling off-road adventures, the Express S4 ELiTE delivers smooth acceleration, responsive handling, and ample seating for passengers. With its stylish design, comfortable ride, and robust construction, it ensures a premium experience for both golfing and recreational use. The EZGO Express S4 ELiTE Gas Golf Cart is a top choice for those seeking reliability, sustainability, and versatility in their outdoor adventures.

9. Yamaha Drive-2 EFI QuieTech


Forget sputtering gas carts and their noisy entourage. Enter the Yamaha Drive-2 EFI QuieTech, where power and peace of mind go hand-in-hand. This gas-powered marvel purrs like a kitten, making it perfect for noise-restricted communities and nature lovers.

The Drive-2 EFI QuieTech packs a punchy fuel-injected engine, effortlessly conquering hills and leaving electric carts in its dust. Plus, it boasts exceptional fuel efficiency, keeping your wallet happy as you cruise the course.

This isn’t just a golf cart, it’s a lifestyle statement. Sleek design, premium finishes, and a wide range of customization options let you express your unique style.


The Yamaha Drive-2 EFI QuieTech redefines the “quiet” gas golf cart, but be prepared to whisper “wow” at the price tag too. Starting around $9,481, it’s pricier than some gas-powered peers. 

Pros and Cons


  • Lowest decibel gas cart, perfect for noise-restricted areas.
  • Powerful engine conquers hills while keeping your wallet happy.
  • Plush seats and smooth suspension for a luxurious ride, every time.
  • Foldable rear seats transform it into a handy gear-hauler.
  • Sleek design and customization options turn heads wherever you roll.


  • Costs more than some gas carts, like a top-of-the-line golf club.
  • Regular oil changes and spark plug replacements add to upkeep.
  • Fuel costs might add up compared to electric options.
  • Not the biggest cargo bed if you’re hauling a lot of gear.

User guides

For golfers who value a quiet and smooth ride without compromising on power, I highly recommend the Yamaha Drive-2 EFI QuieTech Gas Golf Cart. This model combines Yamaha’s renowned reliability with advanced EFI technology, ensuring efficient fuel consumption and reduced emissions. Whether navigating the greens or exploring rugged terrain, the Drive-2 EFI QuieTech offers responsive handling, comfortable seating, and ample storage.

Its whisper-quiet operation makes it ideal for early morning rounds or serene outdoor adventures. With a sleek design and robust build, this cart enhances both performance and comfort, making it a standout choice for any golf enthusiast.

10. Club Car Tempo


  • Club Car’s gas engine delivers smooth, responsive rides.
  • Built for the long haul.
  • Rugged design thrives on the course, season after season.
  • Silence the competition. Whisper-quiet operation keeps your focus sharp.
  • Unleash the fun. Connect, entertain, and dominate. The game’s yours.
  • Black body, beige seat cushions.
  • Rear seat with safety grab bar that can be folded down
  • Front lights, rear lights, and brake lights
  • Long Black Canopy Cover
  • Lower the windshield.


I cannot disclose the exact pricing of the Club Car Tempo gas golf cart as it can vary depending on several factors like:

  • Dealer: Different Club Car dealers may have different markups and pricing strategies.
  • Location: Prices can vary based on your geographic location due to shipping costs and local market conditions.
  • Customization: Any additional features or customizations you choose will affect the final price.

However, I can offer some general guidance:

  • Expect the starting price for a brand-new Club Car Tempo gas golf cart to be in the range of $8,000-$12,000 USD.
  • Used Club Car Tempo gas golf carts can be found for significantly less, starting around $3,000 USD.
  • It’s always best to contact your local Club Car dealer for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

Pros and cons

Club Car Tempo Gas Golf Cart: Pros & Cons


  • Whisper quiet: Focus on your game, not engine noise.
  • Built to last: Rugged frame, quality parts, ready for years of adventure.
  • Smooth ride: Independent suspension absorbs bumps, keeps you relaxed.
  • Connect & entertain: Upgrade options for Bluetooth speakers, GPS, and more.
  • Low maintenance: Gas simplicity, less worry about charging cycles.


  • Higher upfront cost: Compared to electric options.
  • Fuel expenses: Ongoing cost of gas purchases.
  • Emissions: Not as eco-friendly as electric carts.
  • Louder than electric: May disrupt others on quiet court

Author recommendation

As an avid golfer who appreciates performance and style, I enthusiastically recommend the Club Car Tempo Gas Golf Cart. With its sleek design and powerful engine, the Tempo offers a smooth and responsive ride on the Golf course. It boasts impressive maneuverability, comfortable seating, and ample storage, ensuring both convenience and enjoyment during rounds. The Club Car Tempo Gas Golf Cart is a top choice for those seeking performance, and standout aesthetics in their golfing experience.

How to Buy a Gas Golf Cart?

Gassing Up for Fun: You’re Guide to Buying a Gas Golf Cart

Cruising the course with the wind in your hair and a putt in your sights. Sounds delightful, right? But before you zoom off in your dream gas golf cart, here a quick guide to steer you in the right direction:

Know your needs

  • Course terrain: Hilly? Choose a powerful engine. Flat and leisurely? A budget-friendly option might suffice.
  • Passengers: Need to carry a crew? Opt for a cart with ample seating.
  • Storage: Groceries or golf bags? Pick a cart with enough cargo space.
  • Budget: Set a realistic limit and stick to it. Remember, add-ons and maintenance can add up.

New vs. Used

  • New: Pristine condition, warranty peace of mind, but pricier.
  • Used: Affordable option, but inspect thoroughly for potential issues.

Do your research

  • Popular brands: Club Car, Yamaha, EZ-GO are industry leaders.
  • Compare features: Engine size, suspension, accessories, warranty.
  • Read reviews: Get insights from fellow golf cart enthusiasts.

Test drive time

  • Feel the comfort, assess the handling, and listen for any strange noises.
  • Test on similar terrain to your usual course.

Negotiate with confidence

  • Be informed about market value and don’t be afraid to haggle.
  • Consider financing options if needed.

Seal the deal

  • Get everything in writing, including warranty details and service agreements.
  • Enjoy the ride!

Buying guide of the Best Gas golf carts

Gassing Up for Glory: A Pocket Guide to Finding the Best Gas Golf Cart

Forget electric whispers; embrace the satisfying rumble of a gas golf cart as you conquer the course! But with so many options, choosing the right one can feel like navigating a sand trap blindfolded.

Know Your Course:

  • Hilly havens? Demand a powerful engine like Club Car’s Onward or EZ-GO’s RXV. Flat fairways? Consider a budget-friendly Yamaha Drive2.
  • Solo rider or group golfer? Choose seating to match your crew (Club Car Tempo seats four comfortably).
  • Gear galore? Opt for ample storage like EZ-GO’s TXT. Add-ons like coolers can impact space.

Brand Bonanza

  • Club Car: Kings of comfort and durability, their Onward and Tempo lines offer smooth rides and power to tackle any terrain.
  • Yamaha: Champions of quiet operation and innovation, the Drive2 series boasts fuel efficiency and performance.
  • EZ-GO: Budget-friendly TXT and rugged RXV cater to diverse needs. The RXV shines off-road, while the TXT is a classic choice.

Test Drive Time

Don’t just admire, take it for a spin! Feel the comfort, assess handling, and listen for any suspicious noises. Bring a friend to test passenger space and storage. Remember, a showroom floor doesn’t replicate your course’s terrain.

Seal the Deal

Found your perfect match? Get everything in writing, including warranty details and service agreements. Regular maintenance keeps your gas guzzler running smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Gas Golf Cart

Gas vs. Electric: Which is Right for Me?

Course terrain, passenger needs storage requirements, budget, and environmental impact. Gas carts offer power and range, while electric are quieter and require less maintenance.

What are the Top Gas Golf Cart Brands?

Popular choices: Club Car (renowned for durability and comfort), Yamaha (known for quiet operation and technology), and EZ-GO (offers budget-friendly and off-road options).

Which gas engine golf cart is considered the best?

Declaring a single “best” gas golf cart is like crowning a champion on a course with ever-changing conditions – it depends! The perfect match hinges on your individual needs and priorities. Here’s a quick breakdown to guide your search:

Powerhouse Performer: Club Car Onward or EZ-GO RXV boasts robust engines for conquering hilly courses.

Budget-Friendly Buddy: Yamaha Drive2 offers a sweet spot of reliable performance.

Cruising Crew Comfort: Club Car Tempo seats four comfortably, ideal for group outings.

Off-Road Adventurer: EZ-GO RXV tackles rough terrain with confidence.

Quiet Companion: Yamaha Drive2 glides silently, respecting fellow golfers.

What Features Should I Look for in a Gas Golf Cart?

Key features: Engine size (more power for hills), seating capacity, cargo space, suspension (for comfort), and additional features like Bluetooth speakers or GPS.

Can I Modify a Gas Golf Cart?

Yes, with limitations. Upgrades like lifted suspensions, larger tires, or custom accessories are possible, but consider warranty implications and legal restrictions in your area.

What Ongoing Costs Should I Expect with a Gas Golf Cart?

Gas expenses, regular maintenance (oil changes, spark plugs), and potential repairs. Extended warranties might be worthwhile depending on usage.


With a vast array of gas-powered golf carts available, picking the “best” one boils down to your personal needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize speed, comfort, off-road prowess, or budget-friendliness, there’s a perfect match out there waiting to elevate your golfing experience.

By carefully weighing these aspects and researching the strengths and weaknesses of each shortlisted model, you’ll be well on your way to securing the perfect gas golf cart that complements your style, budget, and golfing adventures. We have already covered the top 10 best gas golf carts, including their prices, pros, and cons. This information will assist you in making an informed purchase decision.

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